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Principal Consultant, Digital Education Concepts LLC

OPENPediatrics launches public Clinician Resources video collection

Really excited to announce the addition of new resources on the OPENPediatrics site:

OPENPediatrics launches public Clinician Resources video collection

Educational videos join collection of animations and illustrations and World Shared Practice Forum videos on OP public site

Screen shot of new resources collection.

Our new Clinician Resources collection

OPENPediatrics is pleased to announce a collection of educational resources newly available on our public Web site, our Clinician Resources collection.  This collection includes more than 100 videos excerpted from the videos available to clinicians on our free clinician community site (requires registration).  Covering topics from infectious disease to cardiology to ethics, this collection demonstrates the breadth and quality of the videos produced by subject matter experts at Boston Children’s Hospital and around the world.  Each video includes a full transcript and a comments section to facilitate discussion.

“These resources on our public site allow clinicians worldwide to better understand what OPENPediatrics has to offer,” remarked Stephen Carson, OPENPediatrics Director of Operations, in discussing the new collection.  “These videos are a window into the high-quality content available on the clinician community site, which also provides social tools for clinicians to connect with peers around the world, and sophisticated educational tools including our guided learning pathways and device simulators.”

OPENPediatrics has also redesigned our World Shared Practice Forum collection () on the public Web site, making these resources easier to find and use.  Our World Shared Practice Forums share perspectives from world experts working in a wide range of resource settings on key aspects of pediatric care.  These forums air on a monthly schedule on our clinician community site, and are watched by groups of clinicians worldwide, who share practices from their own institutions in semi-synchronous discussion.  The redesigned World Shared Practice Forum collection allows for discussion on our public platform as well.

In addition to the Clinician Resources Collection and the World Shared Practice Forum collection, the OPENPediatrics public site also includes our Multimedia Library, launched in January of this year.  This collection shares animations and illustrations created by the OPENPediatrics staff for our videos, in downloadable and openly licensed formats to support use by clinicians and academics in their own educational materials.  The Multimedia Library currently contains approximately 50 animations and illustrations, with dozens more slated to be added to the site in the coming weeks.

About OPENPediatrics

OPENPediatrics is an online community of clinicians sharing best practices from all resource settings around the world through innovative collaboration and digital learning technologies.  Through the OPENPediatrics clinician community site (requires registration), clinicians can access academically rigorous and peer-reviewed content, including guided learning pathways, expert lectures and demonstrations, interactive device simulators, protocols and medical calculators.  Clinicians can also form and join groups, share digital resources, and engage in online discussions of key aspects of pediatric care.  In addition, the clinician community site connects our community members through a free video chat service.  OPENPediatrics has also begun sharing resource collections on our public site, including our World Shared Practice Forums, Multimedia Library and Clinician Resources collections.


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