Stephen Carson

Principal Consultant, Digital Education Concepts LLC

A new adventure

I’ve recently announced to my colleagues at MIT and in the open education community that I have accepted a new position at Boston Children’s Hospital as the Operations Director for a program called OPENPediatrics. I’ve advised the project for two years, and am thrilled by the opportunity to become more directly involved. Through OPENPediatrics, I am able to combine my experience in open and online learning with a personal connection to pediatric care.

World map of beta locations.

OPENPediatrics beta locations.

OPENPediatrics is using many of the same principles of open distribution of content and support for scalable learning that animate MIT OpenCourseWare and MITx. Through both a web site and a downloadable application, OP supports learning tracks, information on demand, and community connections for pediatric clinicians worldwide. Currently, OPENPediatrics is in use at hospitals in 80 countries worldwide.

Many of my colleagues know that my son Daniel is a cancer survivor, and due to the legacy of research and current standard of care at Boston Children’s Hospital and the associated Jimmy Fund Clinic, Daniel is expected to live a full and healthy life with no late effects. This new job is an opportunity to help improve the standard of health care available to children around the world, enabling more happy outcomes like the one my family has been blessed with.

I start the new job March 31st and I’ll be sharing more about my new adventure here as time goes on.

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