Stephen Carson

Associate Director and Head of Operations, Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab, MIT


I’ve not done well on my resolution to be more reflective on my work, at least in this venue, but hey, I have a new job. The most striking thing … Continue reading

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The SuperDans are back at it

As many of my friends already know, my son Daniel is a cancer survivor.  At 2 1/2 years old, he was diagnosed with a kidney tumor, and he received treatment … Continue reading

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A new adventure

I’ve recently announced to my colleagues at MIT and in the open education community that I have accepted a new position at Boston Children’s Hospital as the Operations Director for … Continue reading

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Narrative Magazine Spring 2013 Story Contest

When you’ve been plugging away at a novel as long as I have (and I won’t even say how long it’s been), you can occasionally begin to doubt whether the … Continue reading

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A striking statement

This column in the Boston Globe by John E. Sununu supporting Lawrence Lessig in his court battle with Liberation Music is  really striking.  That a former Republican Senator would come … Continue reading

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MOOCs are not a strategy

In June 2012, the president of the University of Virginia was ousted by the school’s board, and then reinstated, in part—if you believe the news reports—because she was not moving … Continue reading

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Reading Castells

Over the years, I have come across enough references in discussions of the internet to know I ought to read Manuel Castells The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture.  It … Continue reading

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The adoption of electric engines in manufacturing as a metaphor for educational technology

A metaphor I have now heard several times for the state of educational technology today likens our use of digital learning tools to the early adoption of electric engines in … Continue reading

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