Stephen Carson

Principal Consultant, Digital Education Concepts LLC

Senior Faculty Liaison, Humanities

January 2003 – October 2003
MIT OpenCourseWare, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Program Management

  • developed department liaison program implementation strategy, including training and communication systems
  • placed 10 staff members into departments to support OpenCourseWare publication
  • oversaw the ongoing work of all department liaisons
  • supervised one consultant responsible for assisting with program implementation

Project Management

  • secured faculty cooperation for 125 of the initial 500 course sites included in the pilot phase of the project
  • managed course site development for 100 Humanities OpenCourseWare sites in the Fall 2003 publication cycle, including materials collection, site structure and design, and quality assurance

Technology Innovation and Implementation

  • designed, built and maintained mission-critical database that supports the workflow for faculty liaisons and intellectual property rights coordinators, and communicates site construction specifications to site authoring teams
  • trained 20+ users in Cambridge and 20+ users in India to use the database
  • coordinated maintenance and enhancement of workflow support system used by 20+ users in Cambridge and 20+ users in India
  • supervised one consultant responsible for maintenance and enhancement implementation tasks of database system

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