Stephen Carson

Associate Director and Head of Operations, Abdul Latif Jameel World Education Lab, MIT

Digital Education Concepts Consulting

Digital Education Concepts Consulting provides strategic implementation support for digital learning initiatives at the secondary, higher education, and workforce training levels. From consensus-building on digital learning strategic priorities to identification of market opportunities to implementation of online learning and hybrid learning initiatives in a range of contexts and technologies, DEC brings decades of experience with global digital learning efforts to your organization.

  • Strategic planning – Understanding how digital learning can help your organization address your high-level strategic aims
  • Market analysis – Identifying the right market opportunities for your organization
  • Implementation – Moving from concept to active programs
    • Project planning and budgeting – Drafting realistic and achievable roadmaps
    • Pedagogy – Determining the best instructional approaches for your initiative
    • Technology – Selecting the most effective technologies to support your effort
    • Intellectual Property Management – Using intellectual property approaches strategically
  • Evaluation – Determining how to effectively measure success

Useful templates:

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